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In Spain, they eat a lot later than in the rest of Europe. Here you will find restaurants that stay open until past three or four in the afternoon. Dinner starts at 9 p.m. and usually closes up shop at around midnight!

Although, nowadays many restaurants are opening all day long to cater for the overseas crowds. Either way, most bars and restaurants serve small plates called “tapas” all day long.

Spanish food is one of the most well known and highly admired foods in the world. They still don’t have the same anti-smoking laws you’d find in the rest of Europe, so you won’t find “No Smoking” sections in most of the restaurants and bars.


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  • Reference:hoca04

    This Cadiz chalet in Canos de Meca, Spain is perfect for families or groups of friends that want to visit the southern...

    Desde 100 €

    100 €

    Reference: hoca04
  • Reference:hoca05

    Canos de Meca houses in Cadiz are easy to find, but this particular home is perfect for holidays with family or...

    Desde 99 €

    99 €

    Reference: hoca05
  • Reference:paco05

    Room rentals in a holiday home in Conil de la Frontera, situated around one km from the town centre and only metres...

    Desde 38 €

    38 €

    Reference: paco05
  • Reference:hotel-casa-rosalia

    The Rosalía Hotel is more than 200 years old and is located in the middle of the A Mahia valley, where the famous...

    Desde 40 €

    40 €

    Reference: hotel-casa-rosalia
  • Reference:a-salanova

    The holiday house A Salanova is a typical house made of stone which was built in year 1780 and restorated in 1995...

    Desde 20 €

    20 €

    Reference: a-salanova
  • Reference:samei01

    The Hotel Casa da Meixida is located in Esclavitude, Padrón, approximately 20 minutes by car from Santiago de Compostela...

    Desde 25 €

    25 €

    Reference: samei01
  • Reference:parsa01

    Hotel Parada de France is located in the privileged enclave of Rua de France, 9 km from Santiago de Compostela...

    Desde 26 €

    26 €

    Reference: parsa01
  • Reference:la-casona-del-abuelo

    The hotel Casona del Abuelo offers you, close to the longest beach from Galicia, a special place where every detail...

    Desde 59 €

    59 €

    Reference: la-casona-del-abuelo
  • Reference:niga01

    Desde 27 €

    27 €

    Reference: niga01
  • Reference:note06

    Desde 38 €

    38 €

    Reference: note06
  • Reference:paga04

    Desde 65 €

    65 €

    Reference: paga04
  • Reference:hospederia-rural-la-garapacha

    Desde 64 €

    64 €

    Reference: hospederia-rural-la-garapacha
  • Reference:casa-roberto

    Desde 40 €

    40 €

    Reference: casa-roberto
  • Reference:hotellasbovedas

    The hotel accommodation Las Bovedas is situated within a growing and increasingly important zone of Badajoz, close...

    Reference: hotellasbovedas
  • Reference:ancora

    The hotel Ancora is situated 3min from the lighthouse from Fisterra. One of the places which all the people who...

    Desde 35 €

    35 €

    Reference: ancora
  • Reference:girasol

    The hostel Girasol opened in 1987, has 12 rooms and it is situated in the old town in the centre of Compostela....

    Desde 37 €

    37 €

    Reference: girasol
  • Reference:hostal-alameda

    Family hostel in the centre of Santiago beside the beautiful Alameda park, and only 150m from the cathedral.

    Desde 25 €

    25 €

    Reference: hostal-alameda
  • Reference:o-prouso

    Hotel "O Prouso" is located in Carnota, A Coruña. In this place, where dreams come almost true, you will...

    Desde 40 €

    40 €

    Reference: o-prouso
  • Reference:josa18

    Fogar do Gabino offers four double rooms with bathroom, TV, heating andwifi and is situated in the La Matanza Square,...

    Desde 30 €

    30 €

    Reference: josa18
  • Reference:juanar

    Hotel Refugio de Juanar in Ojén is situated in the Sierra de las Nieves (biosphere reserve) where you'll enjoy...

    Desde 69 €

    69 €

    Reference: juanar
  • Reference:villa-massanet

    This hostel in Cala Ratjada, Mallorca in the island of Spain is located in a tranquil area just a few meters from...

    Desde 37 €

    37 €

    Reference: villa-massanet
  • Reference:hotel-bonaval

    The Bonaval hotel is accommodated in a ancient house in the old town of Santiago de Compostela. It is a beautiful...

    Desde 28 €

    28 €

    Reference: hotel-bonaval
  • Reference:bensa01

    Welcome to our establishment, which is backed by his twenty-seven years of operation as a restaurant, and twenty-five...

    Desde 33 €

    33 €

    Reference: bensa01
  • Reference:gajoh01

    The Santa Eulalia Country Hotel lies in spacious grounds in the village of Chacín, which belongs to the district...

    Desde 78 €

    78 €

    Reference: gajoh01

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